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Why I’m Growing A Mustache

I’m growing a perfectly awful mustache.   It’s mostly this creepy gray color making me look 10 years older and somewhat unstable.  I get very few compliments about it except from men sporting ‘staches of their own.  They give it a thorough visual inspection and all the while I know they are secretly comparing it to their own.  From the slick upper lippers all I get are bland comments such as, “Oh, so you’re trying to grow a mustache.”  And it’s precisely for that moment I am putting myself through this.

I’m growing a perfectly awful mustache as part of the Movember movement to raise awareness for prostate cancer.  Men all around the world grow a November Movember Mostache  to raise money for research but all I’m doing is just trying to raise awareness.  So here’s my line:  Did you know almost as many men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer as women will with breast cancer in a given year?  In addition, almost as many men will die from prostate cancer as women will become victims of breast cancer.

So men, if you are over 50 or if you come from a family with a history of prostate cancer, don’t be a boneheaded idiot…go get a checkup.  I’m scheduled for mine next week.  If I hear of even one man who joins me in taking action, my month of ridicule and humiliation will be worth it.  So how about it?


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