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Soul Questions

John Ortberg once asked a man he considered wise, “How do you assess the well being of your soul?”  Although I want to know, this is a tough question for me because I know my heart is wicked and I also have a tendency to be dishonest with myself.  The wise man was quick with a reply and he said he asked himself the following two questions:

  • Am I growing more easily discouraged these days?
  • Am I growing more easily irritated these days?

These two questions pierce me because at the foundation of a healthy soul is God’s love and his peace.  If I am experiencing his peace then I am less likely to veer into discouragement.  If his love is expanding within me I am less likely to feel pangs of irritation.

How is your discouragement and irritation level these days?

You can read more about this in Orberg’s book, The Me I Want To Be.


Comparison, Competition, Inspiration

Comparison with others gets our eye off the script of the story God has designed and calls us to live.   It fuels inner energy to be like another broken, fallen human.

Competition with others drives us to be better than another broken, fallen human on some real or imaginary scorecard or scoreboard.

Inspiration from another broken, fallen human ignites us to grow within our story and maximize our own gifting and strengths.

How about reducing comparison and competition with others and choosing to be inspired by those living well?

Faithful Red Truck

I am a sentimental kind of guy but even I was surprised at how difficult it was to say goodbye to my 1998 red Ford Ranger.  I’ve spent a lot of time in that truck over the past ten years.  With 171,000 miles on it, significant hail damage and a non-working heater it was time to consider something else.  State Farm ended up totaling it for the hail damage and they are sending me a check. 


As I took it for one last drive and reminisced about taking my kids to school, hauling firewood and furniture one theme kept coming through.  I had strong feelings about the truck because it had been so dependable and faithful through the years.  It wasn’t the shiniest and sexiest new model. It had its share of nicks and dings and showed its age in places.  But it was dependable and faithful…that’s why I loved that truck.


Hmmm…I wonder if the same principle works for relationships.  Maybe it’s not so much about being on the cutting edge with the newest and most exciting widget or idea.  Maybe great relationships with others, just as with my red truck, begin with dependability and faithfulness.

Great Dad

Geoffrey Canada correctly states, “There is no time in a child’s life that you can’t be a great parent.”  If you have children, regardless of their age and no matter what has happened in the past, today is a good day to be a great dad.  What does that look like for you?  It’s completely different for each child based on the age and stage of life they are in.  Is it a phone call, throwing the football, going for ice cream or instigating a conversation about an issue that’s troubling your son or daughter?  You know what to do…you really do.

Only two things are required:

  • Time
  • Intentionality

How will you be a great dad today?

Who Had the Better Evening?

I was given a couple of great seats to a Ranger game yesterday. It was really short notice but I hopped on the phone and asked two guys to join me. One guy declined because he thought his wife had been under significant pressure with work and the kids and he was concerned that going with me would put additional stress on her. The other guy bowed out saying he was afraid his wife would get mad at him.

Both were reasonable answers to my offer. I just wonder who had the better evening, the guy who walked in the front door with the attitude of serving his wife or the guy with the bunker mentality of just trying to keep her off his back?


A Man’s Gut

Do you trust your gut? I’ve made decisions of varying importance based on gut instincts with admittedly mixed results.

I’ve got a fairly significant decision I’m wrestling with right now. I can’t tell if it is the inner voice of the Holy Spirit cautioning me or if it’s just my waning enthusiasm for the venture. To be certain, there are numerous circumstances that point to a seemingly clear choice. But confusion seeps in as I wonder if this is one of those times when I am to rise to action against impossible odds…you know the stuff great movies are made of. It feels wimpy to back down and walk away. I just don’t know what “good adversity” is and what is stupidity.

  • Here are some questions I am pondering:
  • What is my motive here…really?
  • What do wise and trusted friends/advisors say?
  • What are the ramifications either way?
  • Am I being called to do this?
  • Does every part of my actions and attitude line up with scripture?

The bottom line is I want to do the best thing and right thing…I just wish my gut was more certain.

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