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Competence/Velocity = Fun

I fell (literally) into a formula of fun while skiing a couple of years ago.  Here it is:

competence/velocity = fun

I noticed that the more confident skier I became the faster I would have to go in order to reach the same level of fun experienced in prior runs.  Hence, increased competence demands increased velocity.

It gets tricky, however, because when speed exceeds my perceived level of competence fun flees and I’m immediately introduced to heightened emotions of sheer terror as I careen down the mountain.

Feeling bored or antsy and not having much fun in your life’s work?  It’s likely the speed of life is a little slower than your level of competence can handle.  Conversely, we tend to feel out of control and overwhelmed during those times when the speed at which life events are coming at us exceed our perceived level of competence.

There’s one other factor:  Width.  A seemingly manageable slope can become instantly challenging when the width narrows, leaving fewer options for making turns to slow velocity.  In life, the fewer options you think you have the more likely those feelings of panic begin to creep in.  Reduced options are the equivalent of increased velocity (not to sound like Dave Ramsey here but debt is one of the biggest life reducing options out there).

I began by saying I fell into this definition.  I did.  We all fall at some point…even the best.  Just gather yourself, wipe the snow off your face and point the skis downhill again.  Yipee!


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