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Humility Means Considering

I love being right.  I hate being wrong.  I suspect you (and everyone else with which we share the planet) feels much the same way.  This being the case, we find ourselves on a collision course when your love for being right smacks up against my disdain for being wrong.

When confronted with something I have done to wrong or hurt another I tend to hastily move into defense mode and eloquently and vigorously justify my actions.  After all, I love being right and I couldn’t possibly do anything wrong. 

I think I need a little more humility.  Paul Tripp defines humility as the willingness to consider I could be wrong.  Sounds pretty simple but I often refuse to entertain the idea that I have some culpability in any given relational skirmish.  What if the next time you are confronted with an example of your brokenness you paused and asked, “Might I have been impatient, rude, inconsiderate, thoughtless, or uncaring?”  Just considering is the beginning of humility.


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