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Faithful Red Truck

I am a sentimental kind of guy but even I was surprised at how difficult it was to say goodbye to my 1998 red Ford Ranger.  I’ve spent a lot of time in that truck over the past ten years.  With 171,000 miles on it, significant hail damage and a non-working heater it was time to consider something else.  State Farm ended up totaling it for the hail damage and they are sending me a check. 


As I took it for one last drive and reminisced about taking my kids to school, hauling firewood and furniture one theme kept coming through.  I had strong feelings about the truck because it had been so dependable and faithful through the years.  It wasn’t the shiniest and sexiest new model. It had its share of nicks and dings and showed its age in places.  But it was dependable and faithful…that’s why I loved that truck.


Hmmm…I wonder if the same principle works for relationships.  Maybe it’s not so much about being on the cutting edge with the newest and most exciting widget or idea.  Maybe great relationships with others, just as with my red truck, begin with dependability and faithfulness.


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One thought on “Faithful Red Truck

  1. michael baughman on said:

    What a reality. Most people dont keep something or someone lonh enough to find out

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