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A Man’s Gut

Do you trust your gut? I’ve made decisions of varying importance based on gut instincts with admittedly mixed results.

I’ve got a fairly significant decision I’m wrestling with right now. I can’t tell if it is the inner voice of the Holy Spirit cautioning me or if it’s just my waning enthusiasm for the venture. To be certain, there are numerous circumstances that point to a seemingly clear choice. But confusion seeps in as I wonder if this is one of those times when I am to rise to action against impossible odds…you know the stuff great movies are made of. It feels wimpy to back down and walk away. I just don’t know what “good adversity” is and what is stupidity.

  • Here are some questions I am pondering:
  • What is my motive here…really?
  • What do wise and trusted friends/advisors say?
  • What are the ramifications either way?
  • Am I being called to do this?
  • Does every part of my actions and attitude line up with scripture?

The bottom line is I want to do the best thing and right thing…I just wish my gut was more certain.


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